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August Minarik graduation

All of the Amrican-born children of Josef and Aloise Minarik appear to have attended 8 years of grammar school in the Pilsen a

Pilsen playground

Grandmother with my mother and uncle

Pilsen neighborhood

My mother as little girl in Pilsen neighborhood. Hoping to identify exact location by identifying building in background..

Old Pilsen 18th St.Restaurant

Younger girl is my mother and young boy is my uncle. They are standing in front of the restaurant run by my grandmother on 18t

NW View of 17th Street

This is the only photo that I have showing the NW view of 17th Street from1743, showing Stas candy store. My cousin, Margery S

1920’s Restaurant on 18th Street

Picture of my grandmother, my mother (little girl), uncle and others in front of storefront “people’s restaurant a

Pastorek family

My grandmother, Cecila Moniak Pastorek, with her daughters, Emily & Celia, about 1918. This is their address at that time:


Celia Pastorek and John Solkowski (my maternal aunt & uncle) married at St. Vitus in the late 1930’s. The sanctuary

Center Aisle/St. Vitus

My parents, Sophie Pastorek and August Minarik were married at St. Vitus on November 17, 1945. This photo shows the magnificen

An Alley in Pilsen

My mom, Sophie Pastorek Minarik, center, her sister, Celia Pastorek Solkowski, far right with Celia’s friends (unknown),

1743 W. 17th St.

Cecilia Moniak Pastorek and her daughter, Celia Pastorek Solkowski on the front steps of 1743. Celia and John Solkowski lived

17th Street Scenes

My maternal grandfather, Jan Pastorek, right, and his friend, Vince, in front of 1743 W. 17th Street showing the north side of